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Retailer Restrictions: Purchases made using external coupons or promotional codes not found on this site are not eligible for Cash back. Cash back is not available on sales sold: by phone; through any Dell sales segment other than Dell's Home Segment, including but not limited to Auction@DellExchange, Donation@DellExchange, Dell Host, Dell Employee Purchase Program, through a non-US Dell site, or to parties reselling products and/or services offered by Dell. Cash back is NOT paid when a gift card itself is purchased; payment is only when the gift card is used for payment. The following guidelines apply to websites that offer Cash back, rewards points, or any other incentivized promotions: - Cash back, points, or other incentives are not valid on high-volume orders. Dell will flag a purchase if numerous items purchased in 1 sale or over a period of time. Cash back, points, or other incentive offers can only be used separately and cannot be combined. Users are not eligible to receive Cash back, points, or other incentives from more than one website per Dell order. Purchases made on a mobile app are not eligible for Cash back. Please confirm you are not redirected to a mobile app while shopping through our site on a mobile device.